The Coronavirus is a scapegoat for the millions of deaths that the 5G network will cause

By Andrew Mackinnon

The Coronavirus originated in China and the perpetrators responsible for the creation of this virus, whether real or imagined, and for the creation of worldwide hysteria about the threat it poses, are Jews whose allegiance is to the Rothschilds-led synagogue of Satan.  Jews set up communism in China and control it today.  (They similarly set up communism in Russia.)  The virus originated in China as a cover for the real perpetrators behind this worldwide psychological attack on humanity – Jews.

I don’t know whether the Coronavirus is an actual virus or just a fabricated fiction. The reality is that viruses are undetectable by most people. Only a tiny fraction of the population has the equipment and expertise required to substantiate their existence. With trust in governments around the world already at an all-time low, citizens are unlikely to trust their governments to vouch for the existence of the Coronavirus and the severity of the threat it poses.

It is abundantly obvious that the small numbers of recorded infections and deaths resulting from the Coronavirus do not justify the draconian lockdowns of populations that have taken place all over the world in an hysterical manner.

Every day, there would have to be at least one in a hundred people who are physically ill with a cold virus or a flu virus. This translates to numbers of infections per day which far exceed the numbers of Coronavirus infections per day that have been recorded. Yet governments around the world don’t respond to this normal rate of illness among their citizens by prohibiting them from leaving home without a valid reason. The prohibitions that have arisen as a result of the Coronavirus are very paternalistic and very intrusive. Everybody knew that governments around the world and the armies of public servants they command were drunk on power before the Coronavirus hysteria hit but few people ever expected anything like the current draconian prohibitions. Government neurosis has advanced to the next level.

The Coronavirus is being used to bring about a number of changes in the world.  Primarily, it is being used to usher in an antichrist system of world government since it is claimed that the Coronavirus is a threat to the entire world.  However, it was also introduced to provide a false explanation for the high number of deaths which will occur worldwide if the 5G network is rolled out worldwide.  The rollout of the 5G network was the most significant thing happening worldwide before the Coronavirus hysteria hit.  However, it was happening very quietly because a lot of people are opposed to it.

The telecommunications companies keep putting out the line that citizens are demanding faster download speeds on their smartphones which is the justification for the rollout of the 5G network.  However, this is simply a marketing strategy or public relations strategy whereby the telecommunications companies put words into the mouths of the citizens and outrageously claim that the rollout of 5G is occurring because the citizenry is clammering for it.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The rollout of 5G is occurring because the governments around the world and the telecommunications companies which are given “the keys to the city” by these governments are absolutely committed to this rollout.

People WILL die from the exposure to the 5G network but their deaths will be blamed on the Coronavirus to conceal the 5G network as the true cause of the deaths.  Hundreds of millions of people around the world will die, probably billions.

The 5G network emits much more powerful microwave energy than the existing 4G network.  This increased microwave energy causes increased oxidation of human cells (ie. corrosion) and decreases production of reproductive fluid in the human body which contains the DNA of the body and is essential for the daily growth and regeneration of cells in the body, as well as the repair of cellular damage in the body caused by oxidation. Microwave emissions, particularly from Wi-Fi modems in dwellings and ‘smart’ electricity meters on dwellings, also reduce the quality of human sleep so that the cellular growth and regeneration that takes place in the human body during sleep is greatly diminished and impeded.

The entire human body operates on the basis of finely-calibrated electrical signals in the body.  The microwave energy that the 5G network emits interferes with these naturally-generated electrical signals in the body so that the body’s biological processes, that are necessary to maintain health and wellbeing, are disrupted and degraded. The speed at which the human body ages is greatly increased when it is exposed to microwave emissions from Wi-Fi modems and ‘smart’ electricity meters.  Ongoing exposure to microwave energy from the 4G and 5G networks, particularly from proximate Wi-Fi modems, greatly accelerates the ageing process and makes it absolutely impossible to optimize the health and wellness of the human body. The current 4G network, particularly Wi-Fi, causes all of these problems in the human body but the 5G network will make them much worse due to the higher frequency microwave energy that the 5G network emits.

It is categorically not possible to attain maximum health and wellness in the human body when that human body is exposed to Wi-Fi modems of the 4G network on an ongoing basis.  This has been a pressing problem over the past ten years which has been highlighted by a tiny minority of pioneering individuals, who were largely ignored and sidelined with fraudulent arguments about “non-ionizing radiation”.  (Microwave energy that is non-ionizing can still interfere with the electrical signals in the human body that are necessary for proper biological functioning, such as cellular growth, regeneration and repair, and the maintenance of optimal health and wellbeing.  In any case, it is doubtful that the microwave energy emitted by Wi-Fi modems in the current 4G network and, particularly, the planned 5G network is, in fact, non-ionizing.)  The school administrators who ignored the complaints of teachers, parents and students in the United States of America over the past ten years about the negative health effects of Wi-Fi in schools should be in prison.  They have provided a textbook example of the common law principle of neglect of their fiduciary duty towards these teachers, parents and students.

All of the mobile phone towers that have been operating over the past twenty years and longer in countries around the world use much more electrical power than is necessary to support mobile phone communications.  They have been deliberately overpowered in order to blanket the citizenry with more intense microwave energy with the explicit objective of diminishing the health and wellbeing of the citizenry.  Excessive microwave energy (also known as electromagnetic energy) interferes with the finely calibrated nervous system of the human body, which operates on the basis of electrical impulses in the human body.  Exposure to excessive microwave energy causes apathy, fatigue and agitation.  It places the human body under physiological stress, which is exactly what those responsible for the construction of the mobile phone towers intended.

Does anybody seriously believe that governments around the world and the telecommunications companies that they have empowered built mobile phone networks in countries around the world because they want citizens in these countries to communicate more freely with each other?  Governments around the world don’t want citizens communicating more freely with each other.  If they did they would build as many public halls as possible, where citizens could meet in their hundreds and discuss issues that are of concern to them with each other in person.

The reason that mobile phone networks were constructed was not to facilitate freer communication amongst citizens.  The real reason was to blanket the citizenry with microwave energy in order to diminish the health and wellbeing of the citizenry.  After the mobile phone towers went up, people living next to them complained of the negative impacts on their health.  The media invariably commented that the mobile phone towers have been deemed safe by health authorities.  These people and their complaints were ignored by the media and by the government, which work together like hand in glove.  The government and the media are both controlled by people with Jewish ancestry.

The current rollout of the 5G network is the pinnacle of this agenda of using microwave energy to diminish the health and wellbeing of the citizenry.  Exposure to microwave energy emitted by 5G towers is going to kill people.

Microwave ovens use microwave energy at a frequency of 2.4GHz (ie. 2,400 MHz) in order to cook food by heating the water content in the food.  (Microwave ovens also emit microwave energy when they are turned on but not in use.  They were deliberately designed to blanket people’s homes with microwave energy many years before the advent of mobile phones and Wi-Fi.)  The mobile phone towers that are part of the current 4G network also emit microwave energy at similar frequency of 2.4GHz, but they use much more electrical energy to generate this microwave energy so that it is much more intense than the microwave energy emitted by microwave ovens.  Mobile phone towers blanket the citizenry with microwave energy everywhere they go.

The frequency of microwave energy that 5G towers emit is higher than 2.4GHz.  It will start at around 3.5GHz and keep increasing to many multiples of that.

In the United Kingdom, citizens are setting mobile phone towers, including 5G towers, on fire.  In the United States of America, there is talk of going out at night with scoped rifles and shooting the emitters of microwave energy on the towers in order to damage them so that they no longer emit microwave energy.

The Coronavirus has already been used as an excuse to start to ban cash in Australia.  Cash won’t be part of the antichrist world system.

The Coronavirus has already been used to ban gatherings of Christians in churches in Australia and many church leaders in Australia enthusiastically support this ban and the government that has enacted it because they’re tares with Jewish ancestry whose allegiance is to the Rothschilds-led synagogue of Satan.  Examples are Glenn Davies, the Archbishop of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, Brian Houston, Senior Minster of Hillsong, and Phil Pringle, Senior Minister of C3 Church.  The Uniting Church in Australia is also controlled by tares with Jewish ancestry, as is the Salvation Army Church.

Everybody who receives a welfare payment from the government, such as unemployment benefits, disability benefits and possibly the old-age pension, will be required by law to be vaccinated for the Coronavirus in order to keep receiving the benefit.  However the purpose of the vaccination will not be to make people healthier but to make them sick.

The government will probably try to make vaccinations compulsory for all citizens.

There is abundant evidence from which to conclude that vaccination for the Coronavirus will be the means by which citizens around the world are implanted with a small microchip to enable all of their activities and affairs, including financial affairs, to be recorded and monitored – the mark of the beast referred to in Revelation 13:16-18 and Revelation 14:9-11 in the Bible.  The 5G network will enable continuous recording and monitoring of the information on these microchips wherever citizens go.  Bill Gates, who has Jewish ancestry, is heavily involved in this intended programme of vaccination and microchipping of the citizenry.

4 thoughts on “The Coronavirus is a scapegoat for the millions of deaths that the 5G network will cause”

  1. I note that some of the authors on this site are identified as “Doctor” or “MD”.
    The use of vaccines over the years has been the subject to the rigours of scientific investigation,
    research, and many Phd’s have published papers that show that vaccines have saved millions of lives.

    I want to point out that there is no legitimate bona fide studies to confirm the
    authors position on vaccines.

    Millions of people are alive and well due to the availability of vaccines for diseases such as

    I don’t believe for one minute the BS that the Anti Vac movement is pedaling.

    1. Hi Kevin

      I strongly disagree with you. I believe that the purpose of vaccination is not to improve human health but to deliberately impair human health. To somebody like me who has been researching what is really going on in the world since August of 2003, while other people have been watching television and reading mainstream newspapers, the idea that governments around the world and the supranational World Health Organisation which promote vaccination so enthusiastically are interested in improving human health is absurd and laughably naive.

      After the Coronavirus hit, it became completely obvious to me why the establishment is so hostile towards the anti-vaccination movement, such as here in Australia where I live. Namely, mass vaccination is going to be the means by which people receive the mark of the beast referred to in Revelation 13:16-18 and Revelation 14:9-11 in the Bible. This will be a small microchip that is injected into the human body in the course of vaccination for fabricated threats such as the Coronavirus.

      There is quite a lot of talk on the internet, which has certainly captured my interest, claiming that the Coronavirus is the diagnosis that is being fraudulently applied to people who exhibit the normal immune response to exposure to excessive microwave energy, such as from the 5G network which is currently being rolled out in many countries around the world. It makes perfect sense to me.

    1. Awaking is a good step but needs to take place quickly enough so that swift ACTION follows ASAP! It’s time to cut the head(s) off the snake right NOW! This is a CALL TO ACTION for anyone reading this in a position to take action. If you are a soldier, police, government worker or anyone else in an advantageous position who cares about your children’s future & the future of all mankind it is incumbent upon you to ACT NOW to STOP the criminals within the governments & corporations around the world committing these VERY REAL CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY! They must ALL be arrested, tried & punished in no uncertain terms with the full measure of justice that TRAITORS, SEDITIONISTS & MASS MURDERERS deserve & are required to receive! THIS MUST BE DONE NOW TO ENSURE THAT FUTURE GENERATIONS CAN LIVE IN PEACE & REAL SAFETY (not their false version of it)!

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